Whitemarsh Seabrook Smith III, President

Captain Smith has served as President of Charleston Branch Pilots’ Association for 36 years.  He joined the Association in 1969 as an apprentice pilot and was licensed in February 1972 by the State of South Carolina.  He is an appointed member and past chairman of the Board of the South Carolina State Ports Authority.  Whit has also served on the executive boards of the Propeller Club, Maritime Association, Charleston Regional Development Alliance, the S. C. International Trade Conference, and the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.  From 1992 to the present, he has served as Secretary-Treasurer of the American Pilots’ Association in Washington, DC.

Captain John E. Cameron, Executive Director

Serving as the Association’s liaison with regulating bodies, operating partners and the general public, Captain Cameron holds a unique understanding of government affairs and port safety and security regulations, and the ever-changing shipping industry.  He retired from the United States Coast Guard in 2007, as Captain of the Port and Sector Commander, Charleston.  In that role he led all Coast Guard operations throughout South Carolina and Georgia, including direction of search and rescue, marine environmental protection, port safety and security, and federal marine law enforcement.  Board seats include South Carolina Emergency Response Commission (Member, Executive Committee), American Salvage Association (Associate Member Chairman), President of the Charleston Propeller Club and member of the Senator Lindsey Graham Homeland Security Coalition.

Walter Prause, Port Manager

John Miles, Port Captain

David Matash, Port Engineer

Elilzabeth Hills, Corporate Affairs Manager