Our pilots

There are currently 20 licensed pilots for the port of Charleston, all of which have completed a 3-year apprenticeship and attained the rank of Full Branch Pilot, which authorizes them to pilot vessels of any size.

They also each hold a first class pilot endorsement from the USCG, also applicable to vessels of any size.


  1.  W.S. Smith IIIHarborpilots_web-13
  2.  H.W. Lockwood, Jr.
  3.  C. H. Thornton
  4.  G. L. Lucas
  5.  W. C. Walters III
  6.  S. H. Swan, Jr
  7.  J. M. Thomas
  8.  B. J. Kavanagh
  9.  H. H. Coombs III
  10.  D. J. Waldeck
  11.  J. A. Stuhr III
  12.  J. N. Dukes
  13.  A. R. McIntire
  14.  D. G. Logan
  15.  R. S. Weil
  16.  E. B. Sanders
  17.  J. T. W. Stewart
  18.  B.J. Cisco
  19.  G.E. Campsen IV
  20.  J.C. Teal


Apprentice Pilots:

  • J.D. Ward
  • M.H. Kratz
  • T.C. Rowe