SC Waterfront Works


Join us on June 17 & 18, 2017 for this inaugural community festival, a celebration of the Working Waterfront.This is an unprecedented, FREE opportunity for families and individuals of all ages to access Union Pier and the passenger terminal to climb aboard work boats, watch rescue demonstrations, see simulators in action, test out rail cars, step up into a Mack truck and much more. SC WaterFront Works℠ is a celebration of the great history of the Port of Charleston and its respective contributors, and the impact the working waterfront has in elevating our state’s economy. Learn more here: SC Waterfront Works

SCETV Feature: Harbor Deepening

Among others, Charleston Pilots’ President Whit Smith discusses the growth of the port.  Featured on SCETV public broadcasting network.


By W. Richardson

Recently, the South Carolina Ports Authority exported its two millionth BMW, which was manufactured  at the plant in Greer. Plans are underway to deepen the Port, which will expand the Port’s competitiveness and capabilities, as it continues to be a force for growing the economy in our state.

A View from the Bridge


Ever wonder what a transit looks like from the harbor pilot’s perspective on the bridge of a massive containership?  Click here to see a time lapse video filmed from the offshore “C” Buoy to the Wando Welch Terminal.